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Kudzu – a dietary supplement containing kudzu root extract. Do you know that… Kudzu is a common name for Pueraria lobata. It’s a perennial which naturally occurs in South-East Asia and in the islands of Oceania and in Japan. Kudzu qualities had already been known back in ancient China two thousand years ago. This plant was brought to New World in order to enrich infertile soils and counterattack soil erosion. Later it turned out that there is no way to get rid of it.

An interesting fact is that Kudzu is using sophisticated chemical war. This plant is able to perform nitrogen fixation from the air, transform it in easy to absorb ammonium salts, so since it provides nitrogen cycle in plant vegetation, it’s appreciated by farmers. Kudzu root has a big amount of starch, rich in compounds called isoflavonoids – purin, daidzin and daidzein. It has alkaline reaction and due to that it supports our digestion, regulates appetite and has beneficial impact on nervous system.

It is known from being a splendid antidote when it comes to supporting a fight with smoking addiction, mitigates stress connected with smoking cessation and a crave for reaching for a cigarette.