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B-17 is a dietary supplement containing apricot kernels extract.

Do you know that… apricot is a perennial plant species belonging to the rose family. It derives from Asia, in the wild state it occurs from China through all Asia. It’s cultivated in many countries of the world (since over 4000 years), also in Poland. It’s Latin name derives from the name of country where it is especially appreciated, that is Armenia (Prunus armeniaca L.). It’s colour – apricot – is a third colour on Armenian flag. This is a tasty fruit with a hard seed inside. In seed one can find seeds, from which is being pressed an oil with gentle, pleasant flavour, which is almonds alike.

Apricot seeds extract contains amygdalin commonly known as vitamin B17 or laetrile.
Dr Ernst Theodore Krebs, Sr. was examining amygdalin already in twenties of XX century.
Moreover, apricot seeds extract contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins: A, B, E and minerals. Such composition has a beneficial impact on our immune system.