Do you know that… barley is used in production of Scotch and Irish whisky (barley malt)?
It constitutes one of the most common, cultivated of wide scale, cereal species. It’s been known for centuries and successfully used for production e.g. groats. Gladiators believed it to give them force, power, vigour and allow them to win battles and because of that it was one of the basic component of their diet. For centuries way of consuming barley have differed. Nutritional properties of young barley have been known already back then.

Young gentle leaves of barley have the wide range of vitamins (β-carotene, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, C, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and choline) as well as amino acids. Almost 50% of young barley weight constitute proteins, which are so important for proper functioning and building of our organism. It is safe to say that “Young Barley” is a real nutritional bomb which comprehensively supports our organism – such positive shock wave. It impacts beneficially vital powers, strengthens muscles, assists digestive and circulatory system, cares about good metabolism, protects respiratory tracts’ mucosa. It affect positively not only our good physical condition but also enhances our mind (especially recommended to persons overwhelmed with mental work, including children and students). This product is strongly alkaline forming, strengthening body’s acid-alkaline balance. Due to serotonin and tryptophan content (“happy hormones”) it impacts beneficially our mood. We can boldly say that by reaching for “Young Barley- a dietary supplement” we use ancestors’ experience and wisdom.