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CLEANING – aloe+young barley Healthy Duet CLEANING

Is a specially selected set of juices rich in components enhancing comprehensive organism detoxification. When we are overtired, stressed, out of time – we often use sugar, highly processed food or synthetic vitamins to increase our energy level. All of this disturbs organism balance and lowers resistance. If you haven’t feel well lately, you lack energy, live in stress, sleep worse – all these factors show that your organism is overloaded and needs effective cleaning treatment. -Accept the challenge and settle on vegetable detoxification.
-cleanse organism from toxins and harmful metabolic products
-perfect vitamin complementation- supports convalescence, regenerates excellently, stimulates, prepares well to a diet, a high amount of fibre encourages faster metabolism
-helps in regaining acid-base homeostasis of organism

ALOE Aloe mainly cleanses bowels, by modifying functioning of intestinal villi which absorb nutrients. Aloe supports natural cleanse of liver, kidneys and skin. While coming through digestive system it absorbs toxins which are further excreted through large intestine.

YOUNG BARLEY contains unique digestive enzymes which accelerate decay of toxins in food and also substances which can’t be digested by human organism. Barley chlorophyll support cleansing of bowels, liver and also blood. It also contributes to removing heavy metals and neutralising toxins. It chelates blood and alkalize it, increases production of haemoglobin.