HAIR - horsetail+nettle

Healthy Duet HAIR, SKIN and NAILS

Is a specially selected set of juices which prevents excessive hair loss, additionally adding them shine and power.

Zinc cleanses and smoothen the complexion, strengthen nails by preventing them from breaking and splitting ends. Extracts from horsetail and nettle complete everyday diet in B group vitamins, mineral salts and silicon compounds. Thanks to silica content horsetail and nettle simplify excretion of harmful metabolism products and they impact metabolism beneficially. Zinc, vitamin E and vitamin C take part in protection the cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin A helps in maintaining the correct sight and makes that healthy skin is kept. enhances hair condition, reduces its loss and graying normalises functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands strengthens brittle and splitting nails improves vascularisation of skin and hair follicles cleanse organism from toxins, enhance immune system

HORSETAIL Due to silicon content it perfectly impacts condition of nails, hair and skin. It helps in maintaining correct lipid metabolism. It improves complexion look. It accelerates regenerative processes and normalise collagen metabolism. It detoxicates organism and completes micro elements lack.

NETTLE Elixir for beautiful hair, complexion and nails. Nettle cleanse and detoxicates organism. Drinking nettle regularly affects secretion of sebum, also countering seborrhea and dandruff. It enhances hair bulbs by reducing their loss and accelerating their growth. Moreover, nettle improves metabolism and raises the body’s defence.

Recommended use: 25 ml of horsetail juice combine with 25 ml nettle juice. Such mixture consume after breakfast. Second, same portion consume just after supper. Storing: After opening keep in refrigerator. Use till 21 days after opening. Protect from direct effect of the sun’s rays. Shake before each use.