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HEART – chokeberry+hawthorn

Healthy Duet HEART is a specially selected set of juices rich in components enhancing proper functioning of circulatory system. Chokeberry contains B group vitamins: B6, B12, vitamin E and folates. They play an important role in homocysteine metabolism, which proper concentration in organism impacts correct functioning of heart and circulatory system. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and thanks to that it helps in protecting organism from free radicals. Hawthorn affects increasing of contraction of heart muscle, which results can be seen in more effective and efficient heart rate. Moreover, it has capacity to loosen smooth muscles of blood vessels which in effect contributes to maintaining proper blood pressure.
-controls blood pressure
-allows keeping correct level of LDL cholesterol
-supports functioning of circulatory system
-enhances blood vessels and makes them more elastic
-improves heart rate

CHOKEBERRY Bioflavonoids from chokeberry – above all rutin and anthocyanins – impact beneficially blood vessels. They enhance them, make them more elastic, seal their walls and control permeability. Chokeberry successfully controls blood pressure and prevents cholesterol from deposition.

HAWTHORN Contains flavonoid compounds, which have relaxant effect on blood vessels. It has a specially meaning when it comes to coronary vessels – it increases supply of oxidised blood to heart muscle. Procyanidins lower blood pressure mildly.