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LIVER – milk thistle + artichoke

Healthy Duet LIVER contain a composition of components specially selected to support proper functioning of digestive system and gallbladder.

Liver serves strategic metabolic functions – it transforms consumed products in energy and chemical compounds, essential for brain and spinal cord, stores vitamins, mineral salts and sugars, produces and secretes bile, necessary for fat digestion. Due to the fulfilled function is susceptible to virus and bacterial infections, injuries and poisonings e.g. by toxins or parasites – it is damaged by eating stodgy food as well as excess of medicines, alcohol and drugs. Specially selected content consist of cynarine from artichoke and silymarin from milk thistle:

supports natural recovery of liver cells impacts removing toxins and redundant products of metabolism from organism silymarin accelerates recovery of membrane proteins and protects cells from effects of toxic substances mixture of juices enables one to control better the cholesterol level both components ease digestion and stimulate metabolism.

MILK THISTLE Milk thistle supports the functioning of bile ducts and liver and protects its cells from injuring. Due to silymarin content it stabilizes cell membranes of liver hepatocytes by which it protects liver from effects of toxic compounds (e.g. alcohol) and stimulates its regenerative capacities. Milk thistle is helpful in the detoxification of the body and elimination of harmful substances.

ARTICHOKE Artichoke enhances the liver, supports the production of bile and above all impacts the sugar metabolism. It helps in maintaining correct blood cholesterol level in organism. Cynarine content inhibits cholesterol synthesis in liver and accelerates its and bile removal. It intensifies the process of transforming cholesterol to bile acids. Cynarine might contribute to lowering even half of cholesterol level.