RESISTANCE – acerola+rosehip

Healthy Duet RESISTANCE is a specially selected set of juices rich in components enhancing the immune system. Product is dedicated to those who want to :
-increase the body’s defence (especially after antibiotic treatment)
-regain vital powers in a period of exhaustion
-improve skin condition
The crucial component is vitamin C, which stimulates growth and efficiency of immune cells and white blood cells, which eradicate attacking us micro-organisms. This special composition of highly active, levorotatory vitamin C intensifies production of antibodies and significantly supports effects of antioxidants. Important role in processes of the defence system play also vitamins A and E. These compounds prevent micro-organisms from incoming in cells by enhancing mucosa of throat and nose.

ACEROLA JUICE Acerola is a fruit containing natural levorotatory vitamin C (almost 30 times more than lemons) and vitamin A, which is responsible for increased production of antibodies and effects of antioxidants. It perfectly stimulates the immune system and reduces activity of free radicals. It also supports heart rate by contributing to normalise the correct blood pressure.

ROSEHIP JUCIE Rosehip fruits consist of record number of vitamin C – they have 30-40 times more of it than citruses and thanks to that they perfectly enhance the immune system. Rosehip also has detoxifying and cleansing qualities (removes free radicals). It increases iron absorption, tissues regeneration and regulates blood coagulation.