URINARY SYSTEM – cranberry+nettle


is a specially selected set of juices, which is rich is components enhancing proper functioning of urinary bladder and kidneys. In prevention of urinary system the particular role fulfil polyphenols (proanthocyanidins) and flavonoids, which we can found in cranberry. They make it more difficult for bacteria to stick to epithelial cells of urinary tract, which prevents them from multiplication. Moreover, they are responsible for increasing of excretion of micro-organisms with urine and lowering of its pH. Nettle enhances venous circulation, supports kidneys and acts slightly cholagogic. All of these things make our excretory system works more effectively and is less tired.
-cleansing organism from harmful metabolic products
-diuretic effects
-supporting of proper functioning of urinary system
-antioxidant properties
-prevention of the prostate

CRANBERRY Impacts proper functioning of urinary tracts and maintaining correct urine acidity. Supports proper and regular working of urinary bladder. Cranberry fruits properly clean organism from toxins – they make then a perfect component of every diet.

NETTLE It has cleansing, detoxifying and diuretic effects and by this it normalises functioning of urinary tracts, kidneys, prostate and gallbladder. It removes harmful metabolic products by eliminating water excess and accumulated toxins from tissues. Helpful in prevention of prostate.