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Acai, which is also known as the “Brazilian gold mine”, is palm fruit, which derives from untainted tropical forests of the Amazon basin. Indigenous inhabitants attach to it unusual features of keeping a body in a perfect physical and sexual condition.

Acai fruit, except of mineral elements and vitamins: B1, B2, C, E, can boast of one of the highest ORAC factor (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Due to the high content of antioxidants (including silibinins and anthocynanins) acai retards ageing process and makes you feel young and vital for a long time. Acai fruit supports body efficiency, soften the tiredness and stress. Thanks to fibre content it eases digestion and organism cleaning. Acai’s low glycemic rate helps to control the appetite through preventing blood sugar and insulin from rapid rise and fall.

100 % Acai. Net capacity 500 ml No preservatives. Contains natural sugars. Shake well before using. Sediment is a naturally occuring product. Juice can have slightly different colour and taste depending on the batch. After opening consume within 3 weeks, keep in refridgerator. Serving suggestion: 25 ml two times a day half an hour before meals.