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Acerola juice is as common and popular in Brazil as orange juice in North America. Acerola, which is also known as Barbados cherry, is an invaluable source of L-ascorbic acid, that is natural levorotatory vitamin C. Each acerola fruit has an amount of vitamin C equivalent to a kilo of lemons! Vitamin C constitute a strong antioxidant, which influences moisture of the skin, it’s elasticity and also prevents it from ageing. Vitamin C takes part in collagen biosynthesis (production of collagen). It also increases iron absorption by contributing to reduction of fatigue or weariness. Vitamin C helps in maintenance of proper functioning of blood vessels and bones. It also positively affects energy metabolism.

Acerola contains fair amounts of bioflavonoids, out of which the most important are anthocyanins which derive from the fruit skin. They enhance capillaries and counter the degradation of blood platelets. Acerola is also a source of vitamin A, which is responsible for good sight and building the natural body resistance. Vitamin A works synergistically with vitamin C by counter it’s oxidation.