The globe artichoke is a plant deriving from territories of Mediterranean Sea.

Back in ancient times it used to be a relief from indigestion, liver or kidneys disorder. Nevertheless only in XX century Italian scientists discovered compound, which is in big part responsible for healthy nature of artichokes’ properties – cynarin.

Artichoke is a perfect vegetable for persons who have difficulties with metabolism. Cynarin contained in it impacts digestion and metabolism. On the other hand inulin works similarly to fibre – when exposed to water, it swells in stomach and as a result gives the sense of satiety. It also affects gut flora. Artichoke contains also chlorogenic acid- an antioxidant impacts metabolism.

Next artichoke’s component – niacin – takes part in the breakdown of fatty acids and carbohydrates by which it supports digestion and contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism. According to suggestion from ESCOP products from artichoke leaves support digestive functions of stomach and liver and also ease purification of organism. Regarding actions of insulin and chlorogenic acid, artichokes are advised to persons with a tendency to fluctuation of blood sugar level. B group vitamins contained in artichoke affect complexion beneficially.