Historic sources claim that workers working by building of pyramid 3 thousands years BC were given black turnip juice, because even back then it was famous from its strengthening and uplifting qualities.

Black turnip has a really good impact on strengthening organism. It contains mustard glycosides with sulphur compounds, which increase blood supply to skin and digestive juices and bile secretion.

This is why essence from black turnip root is an important component of many supporting liver function preparations. It can be also found in products which support slimming. Due to glycosides, black turnip is a natural “oil for joints”. It also contains phytoncides – natural substances, similar to antibiotics, which hinder the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

In turnip bulb are located raphanin and raphanol which have disinfecting and antiseborrheic features. Turnip is a source of vitamins C, B1, B2, PP and minerals. It is used by irritation of upper respiratory system.