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Camu Camu bush is extremely water resistant. It grows on marshland and flooded areas. Due to this fact it’s fruits must be transported on Amazon canoes.

Camu Camu occupies the second place on the world according to vitamin C content in a fruit. Natural vitamin C has definitely better assimilability and productivity in enhancing organism than synthetic one. It’s an antioxidant, delays ageing processes and what is even more it impacts positively functioning of the nervous system, which helps in keeping proper psychophysical functions.

Camu Camu contains also niacin, which contributes to maintaining correct energy metabolism, by lowering fatigue and weariness and helps in sustaining good condition of mucous membranes and skin. Component of Camu Camu is also vitamin B2, which supports resistance and is essential for efficiency of sight organ and nervous system. By impact on iron metabolism, riboflavin influences iron metabolism as well, helping in keeping proper condition of red blood cells. This fruit is rich in antioxidants – flavonoids and glycosides.