It’s worth to reach for chokeberry fruits when one works long in front of a computer, since they impact positively sight and reduce effects of radiation of monitors. Chokeberry combines valuable qualities of wine and green tea but in contrary to these products doesn’t contain alcohol or caffeine.

Thanks to big content of vitamin C is one of the richest source of natural antioxidants, which protect organism from free radicals. It’s rich in vitamin P, that is bioflavonoids which support body’s defence. Rutin and anthocyanins, which it contains, function beneficially on blood vessels (they protect the walls of blood vessels), providing proper functioning of the body’s circulatory system.

Anthocyanins affect recovery of rhodopsin, a receptor responsible for vision quality. Regarding to high vitamin C content, chokeberry is a perfect fruit in a period of reduced resistance. It also contains organic acids, including apple, lemon and acetic one, which impact all metabolic processes in our body.