Goji berries are used in natural medicine of Asian countries for 2500 years. They are called “red diamonds from East”. Goji are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including easy to absorb iron and lots of β-carotene.

Goji fruits feature one of the highest content of antioxidants in the world. Their component is a bioactive polysaccharide compound LBP, which is now being tested for its comprehensive use. Goji make a perfect source of fibre. It contains 18 amino acids and 5 unsaturated fatty acids Omega-6, responsible for functioning of nervous system, brain and for production of hormones.

Goji fruits occupy third position in terms of natural source of vitamin C. They are also full of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, which protect heart, strengthen resistance, support production of red cells as well as metabolism of amino acids.