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In the Middle Ages hawthorn was claimed to be a good cardiac antidote and minced fruits were added to dough for bread. In Christian tradition hawthorn tree was seen as holy, since it was believed that its shape looks like the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ.

Hawthorn contains bioflavonoids, which support effects of vitamin C and show strengthening of blood system, as well as organic acids, tannins, bitter substances, phytosterols, essential oils, B group vitamins, provitamin A and mineral salts: iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium as well as manganese, cobalt, aluminium and silicon which are necessary for organism to work properly. Moreover, material has triterpenoid compounds, tannins, derivatives from purine and carotenoid.

Hawthorn contains also vitamin C and B group vitamins, which increase body’s defence, facilitate protein metabolism and absorption of iron, as well as phytosterols and tannins. Due to that it mitigates fatigue, calms down and impacts good sleep.