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Lucerne comes from Persia and it was carried to Europe by Alexander the Great.

Its qualities were appreciated back in ancient China. Lucerne is a source of chlorophyll which functions in neutralising and purifying way- it maintain intestinal flora in a good condition. It helps in cases of bloating or lack of appetite. It normalises digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.

It regenerates weakened organism and strengthen the immune system. Due to its record iron content it is used as an antidote for “good blood”. Besides, its content has an abundant amount of calcium and phosphorus which along with vitamin K impact skeletal system condition. Present in lucerne vitamin A and chlorophyll affect skin and mucous membranes condition, while vitamin K impacts blood clotting.

Moreover, lucerne has phytoestrogens which are irreplaceable during a period of premenstrual tension. A valuable constituent of this plant are saponins with antibacterial qualities.