MILK THISTLE - Ekamedica


Healing effect of milk thistle (silybum marianum) was already known in the ancient times and the Middle Ages. Mentions about milk thistle was made by Theophrast who lived around 300 years B.C.

Milk thistle contain the entire richness of beneficial components: silymarin, flavonoids, biogenic amines (histamine and tyramine), organic acids, mucus, vitamins C and K, phytosterols, tannins, proteins, sugars, oil with big amount of linoleic acid (50%) and mineral salts.

Milk thistle supports functioning of bile ducts and the liver. Due to the contained silymarin it affects stabilisation of liver hepatocytes’ cell membranes and thanks to that it protects the liver from effects of harmful compounds and boost its regeneration capabilities. It’s helpful in purification of organism and it can also detoxify it.