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Hawaiian medicine masters – kahunas – were using noni fruits as a inimitable and special elixir thanks to which a number of people regain health, efficiency and vital powers.

Noni is strong antioxidant. It impacts digestive system (especially functioning of bowels and stomach). It enhance immune system. It consist of over 100 active substances – enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The most important of them is vitamin C, B3 (niacin), iron, potassium, scopoletin and iridium compounds – DAA and AA acids. Due to the high contain of vitamin C and B3 it reduces fatigue and weariness as well as supports mental performance. Noni has in its content tryptophan – amino acid which is the forerunner of producing hormones such as serotonin and melatonin. A content-rich makes noni an adaptogen – functioning of its components adapts to organism needs.