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Rosehip has been known since the earliest times and its fruits were eaten by primitive people. Ancient Romans were filling pillows with its flakes, which was supposed to improve sleep and calm the nervous system.

Rosehip is the richest, European source of natural vitamin C, 3-5 times stronger than synthetic one (1-3 fruits satisfy the daily demand of an adult). Rosehip fruits and preserves made from them are being used in the aim of completing the shortages of vitamins, strengthening and increasing of organism’s resistance. Rosehip is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 E, K as well as caretenoids and flavonoids which make perfect antioxidants. It also contains folic acid. Rosehip fruits consist also of tannins, which has an astringent action, and pectins.

Fruits have an impact of maintaining correct functioning of kidneys and urinary system. Rosehip helps in keeping elastic joints by providing them proper mobility and resistance.