BURDOCK - EkaMedica


Burdock flowers are ended with little hooks. For people who leave close to meadows it is very common to come back home with one of this plant stick to their clothes since there is plenty of it on meadows.

Burdock enhances weak and damaged hair structure, impacting beneficially also head skin. It contains mineral salts, proteins, essential oils as well as vitamins, which improve their condition greatly. In its content one can also find polyacetylene compounds, phytosterols, glycosides, saponins, sulphur, phosphorus and vitamin C. Burdock mitigates skin irritations. It can be used to heal mild burns or other skin problems.
Burdock liquid. Net capacity: 500 ml
Content: water, Arctium Lappa Root Extract, Citric Acid. Shake before using. Sediment is a naturally occuring product. Product can have slightly different colour depending on the batch. After opening consume within 21 days, keep in refridgerator.