Kalanchoe features untypical mode of reproduction. On the edges of leaves grow tiny reproductive materials with roots. All one has to do is put such reproductive material in wet surface and the new plant will grow.

Kalanchoe contains polysaccharides, flavonoids, organic acids, catechins and vitamin C. It is full of mineral salts – zinc, selenium, copper, calcium, manganese and boron. Kalanchoe extract helps in regenerating skin, reduces dandruff, prevents hair loss and nourish hair bulbs. Zinc, contained in kalanchoe, affects secretion of sebum, preventing pores from clogging. Manganese lowers bacteria survival rate. Boron shows skin astringent properties.
Kalanchoe- liquid. Net capacity: 250 ml

Content: water, Kalanchoe pinnata – Leaf Extract, Citric Acid. Shake before opening. Sediment is a naturally occuring product. Product can have slightly different colour depending on the batch. After opening consume within 21 days, keep in refridgerator.