This oil is obtained by cold pressing of borage seeds. Its healthy qualities borage owes to content of many substances which affect beneficially our organism.

These are: flavonoids, mucus, tannins, resins, organic acids, mineral salts of – silicon, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc – and also high amount of carotene and vitamin C. A real treasure is hidden in borage seeds from which the oil derives. This component is an oil which has a high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic and gamma-linolenic, which is commonly used in cosmetics of various kinds and medicinal preparation; Borage oil mitigates irritations of various kinds and skin itching. Recommended by vascular skin, with “spiders”. It reduces redness, enhances vessels and protective barrier of the skin. It supports its renewal, restore its elasticity and proper hydration level. Borage contains GLA acid responsible not only for good skin condition but also for lipid metabolism of organism and correct functioning of cardiovascular and immune system.

Moreover, borage mitigates perfectly women’s premenstrual complaints as well those by menopause, by regulating hormonal balance. As a result it improves well-being, reduces mood changes, irritability and hot flushes. Content: borage oil 100% unrefined, cold pressed, non-filtered.