Pumpkin, which comes from Central America, was known in Poland as “nut”. Its history dates back to ancient times – famous leader, politician and big foodie Lukullus (117-56 BC) was serving it on his lavish feasts.

Pumpkin seeds oil features rich, nutty taste and dark green colour. It is obtained from pressing raw seeds. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic, oleic, palmitoleic and squalene as well as phytosterols. One can find in it carotenoids which are a source of provitamin A. Pumpkin seeds oil, due to the content of unsaturated acids, normalizes blood cholesterol level and supports circulatory system. It also impacts content of hormones in organism, digestive system and cell membranes condition. What is even more it supports urinary tracts.

especially important to those who study, are stressed, lead intensive lifestyle, who want to maintain good memory – which means that for people of all ages.
Vitamin E is classified to group of vitamins soluble in fats and is one of the major antioxidants. In its content one can find e.g. tocopherols. Its proper level helps in protection of cells from oxidative stress.