About us

Our company was founded in 2001. We handle production and distribution of natural preparations: dietary supplements in shape of juices, pills, foodstuffs of special purposes and cosmetics. Knowledge and experience helped us to create the EkaMedica brand- Naturally Means Healthy.

Naturally means healthy! This slogan motivates our company from the very beginning and order us to generate products, which combine the experience, which sources can be found in a long-standing tradition of natural medicine, with modern science accomplishments.

All of EkaMedica products are being formed according to strict rules, with no added preservatives and still keeping their properties, designed for diabetics. Our preparations due to unique processes of production and their highest quality gained the trust of customers, who desire restoring of their organism balance without exposing it to side effects.


EkaMedica in numbers

10 000

business partners at home and abroad



6 000

Cooperation with 6 000 pharmacies and with 1 400 herbal and medical shops


Polish capital!

Zarząd firmy

Jarosław Rozmus
Chairman of the Board
Emilia Rozmus
Vice President

Available to everyone

EkaMedica products are accessible in pharmacies, herbal and medicine shops, eco-shops and healthy food stores. EkaMedica brand is also available in countries such as: the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, England, Greece, Hungary, Canada and Spain. Out of concern for our customers’ health and improvement of life quality we want to recommend our preparations which gained popularity and it’s group of recipients is still increasing due to the wide spectrum of use and unique process of production.

We belong to:

Regionalna Izba Handlu i Przemysłu w Bielsku-Białej
Polska Izba Zielarsko-Medyczno i Drogeryjna
Polska Grupa Zielarska
Instytut Profilaktyki Zdrowia
Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza w Katowicach
Business Centre Club
Rzetelna Firma
Śląski Klub Biznesu
Partnerski Klub Biznesu - Podbeskidzie